Thriving in Law Miniseries – Imogen Hamblin

In the second episode of our Thriving In Law miniseries, Robert Hanna welcomed Thrive Law solicitor and LGBT rights advocate Imogen Hamblin onto the show.

After meeting Jodie whilst studying for the profession, they started working together in July 2018. Like Jodie Hill (see Episode 1) she holds a unique interest in mental health and coaching employers on creating a positive and safe environment, enabling employees to thrive!

In this episode she discusses:

  • Her experience prior to joining Thrive
  • Why she is so passionate about wellbeing & mental health, alongside her pro-LGBT rights advocacy
  • How far the UK has come over LGBT rights, but what more needs to be done in order to challenge stigma and resolve conflicts
  • The nuances of LGBT inclusion in the workplace and the community
  • How you can support the LGBT cause, regardless of your sexuality or gender

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Disclaimer: All episodes are recorded at certain moments in time and reflect those moments only.


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