Clio Con Clips 2023

I had the immense pleasure of Hosting the Legally Speaking Podcast at this year’s Clio Cloud Conference in Nashville, Tennessee and let me tell you, it was nothing short of epic. The event was buzzing with over 2,000 in-person attendees from more than 20 countries, and an additional 1,000 tuned in virtually.

Jack Newton’s Grand Opening

Jack Newton, the mastermind behind Clio, welcomed us with a stirring keynote, laying out the 2023 Legal Trends Report and highlighting how technology is revolutionizing the legal world. This conference was as much yours as it was Clio’s, Jack reiterated.

Shoutout to the Reisman Award Winners

It was a joy to see so many deserving firms pick up this year’s Reisman Awards. These are firms that truly embody Clio’s mission to transform the legal experience for all.

Consulting Partner Impact Awards

Jack was keen to spotlight those who’ve made a substantial impact in legal consulting. Kudos to this year’s award winners, such as Uptime Legal and Efficient Legal [Mackenzie Consulting].

The Talks

We were graced by the FBI negotiator, Chris Voss, who shared powerful negotiation techniques, and ex-NFL player Brian Banks spoke movingly about resilience and justice reform. And, let’s not forget Mel Robbins, who taught us how to achieve a better work-life balance with her 5-second rule.

The Panels & Innovations

We discussed everything from mental health microsteps to financial organization for law firms. AI is increasingly becoming a focal point in legal tech, and it was great to get insights into how ChatGPT and other technologies are shaping the future of law.

Fresh off the Press – Clio Duo

Jack announced Clio Duo, an AI tool tailored for legal professionals. It’s all about streamlining those essential tasks, making our lives easier.

New Features

Clio didn’t disappoint in rolling out new features either. From specialized personal injury tools to digital wallet payments, they’ve really upped their game this year.

On that note, as a media partner for the conference, we’re excited to share our special miniseries called “Clio Con Clips.” Here, you’ll get to hear directly from team members at Clio, aka “Clions,” Reisman Award winners, and a host of other legal thought leaders shaking up the industry.

Save the Date for 2024

Get ready for next year folks; the conference is heading to Austin, Texas.

In summary, the 2023 Clio Cloud Conference was a whirlwind of insights, technology, and forward-thinking practices in law. Whether you attended or caught the highlights, this event undoubtedly left us all energized for what’s to come in legal tech. Can’t wait to see you all next year!

Clio Resources

Find the Clio 2023 Legal Trends Report HERE.

Find the 2023 Clio Cloud Conference in Review HERE.

Clio Con Clips 2023

Jack Newton: Founder of Clio, on AI and the future of Legal Practice – Episode 1

Join us for a special Clio Con episode, exploring the dynamic world of legal technology and the transformative impact of AI on the legal industry. Clio Con is the annual gathering for legal professionals, offering insights and innovation in legal tech.
Clio, a pioneering leader in cloud-based legal technology, drives innovation in the legal sector.
As the creators of Clio Con, they provide a platform to showcase groundbreaking developments, trends, and ideas that shape the future of legal practice. Our guest is Jack Newton, the CEO and founder of Clio. He has dedicated himself to transforming the practice of law and is a recognized author and speaker on legal tech, security, ethics, and privacy in cloud computing. Explore the evolving role of AI in the legal industry and gain insights into the future of legal work.
Jack also shares highlights from the Clio Legal Trends Report, essential reading for legal professionals. Find the report HERE.
Join us for an exclusive preview of Clio Con 2024 in Austin, Texas, and be part of the legal tech revolution. Learn more about Jack Newton via LinkedIn and listen to his episode HERE.

Nefra-Ann Macdonald: A Catalyst for Legal Innovation and Well-being – Episode 2

Our special guest for this episode is Nefra-Ann MacDonald.

As a Senior Manager in Strategic Partnerships at Clio and a dynamic speaker, she plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and promoting well-being within the legal industry.

Nefra-Ann’s journey and expertise inspire legal professionals to embrace technology and balance their work while reimagining the future of the legal field.

If you’re interested in delving deeper into the world of legal tech, Nefra-Ann mentions Clio’s Legal Trends Report, a valuable resource that offers insights into the evolving legal landscape. You can access the report HERE.

Learn more about Nefra-Ann MacDonald via LinkedIn and listen to her episode HERE.

Shubham Datta: Transforming Legal Tech and Building Community – Episode 3

Our guest Shubham Datta, the Vice President of Corporate Development at Clio, plays a pivotal role in driving Clio’s growth and innovation. His remarkable impact on the legal tech industry is palpable as he shares insights into Clio’s strategic growth strategy. Don’t miss our discussion on the future of the legal tech landscape and what lies ahead for Clio in terms of corporate development. Additionally, discover the $3 trillion opportunity in the legal labor market as highlighted in Clio’s Legal Trends Report. Together, we’re transforming the legal experience for all. Learn more about Shubham Datta via LinkedIn and listen to his episode HERE.

Noella Sudbury: Championing Access to Justice – Episode 4

In this episode, we had the privilege of sitting down with Noella Sudbury, the founder and CEO of Rasa Public Benefit Corporation, a cutting-edge legal tech startup with a mission to revolutionize criminal record expungement. Noella’s passion for access to justice and her dedication to solving real-world problems using technology have earned her numerous awards and recognition, making her a true legal tech trailblazer. We also delve into the Legal Trends Report, a valuable resource for legal professionals seeking insights into the industry’s evolving landscape. This report is a must-read for anyone looking to stay ahead in the legal world. Find the report HERE. But that’s not all – we invite you to join us at Clio Con 2024, which will take place in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. This is your chance to be part of the legal tech revolution, connect with fellow innovators, and gain the knowledge and inspiration you need to shape the future of law. Learn more about Noella Sudbury via LinkedIn and listen to her episode HERE.

Erika Harold: Civility and Inclusion in Law - Episode 5

Our guest is none other than Erika Harold, the Executive Director of the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism. She’s a passionate advocate for a more civil and inclusive legal profession, and she shares her insights into the values that underpin her work. As we explore the role of technology in the legal field, we invite you to check out Clio’s Legal Trends Report, a valuable resource for anyone interested in the evolving landscape of legal practice. Find the report HERE. Learn more about Erika Harold via LinkedIn and listen to her episode HERE.

Chandler Holsapple: Trademarks and Legal Innovation - Episode 6

I had the pleasure of meeting Chandler Holsapple, the founder of Lethal Legal, a virtual intellectual property law firm specializing in trademarks. Chandler’s journey from traditional legal career paths to crafting a life that aligns with her vision is both inspiring and insightful. At the heart of this episode is a call to action for all legal professionals and tech enthusiasts: join us at Clio Con 2024 in Austin, Texas! It’s a can’t-miss opportunity to be part of an innovative community that’s shaping the future of law. For more insights and to access the Legal Trends Report, visit HERE. Learn more about Chandler via LinkedIn and listen to her episode HERE.

Robert Ambrogi: Amplifying Legal Tech Impact - Episode 7

Our special guest for this episode is Bob Ambrogi, a seasoned legal professional and tech enthusiast who’s been closely following the legal tech scene for years. Bob shares his insights on the evolving legal tech landscape, the role of generative AI, and how it can help bridge the access to justice gap. To learn more about Clio Con, access the Legal Trends Report, and stay up-to-date with the latest legal tech developments, visit HERE. Learn more about Robert Ambrogi via LinkedIn and hear his episode HERE.

Francesca Witzburg: Exploring the Future of Legal Tech and Entrepreneurship at Clio Con - Episode 8

Our special guest for this episode is Francesca Witzburg, a renowned international trademark attorney, and an entrepreneur who has embraced technology to propel her legal career. Francesca delve into the role of technology in shaping the future of the legal profession and how Francesca’s firm leverages Clio, a powerful legal tech platform. Clio, as a one-stop shop, has played a pivotal role in streamlining her legal practice and maintaining a human connection with clients. Don’t forget to check out the Legal Trends Report mentioned in the episode to gain valuable insights into the legal industry. View the report HERE. And here’s an exciting announcement: Clio Con 2024 is coming to Austin, Texas! Join us at this dynamic event to be a part of the future of law. You won’t want to miss it! Learn more about Francesca Witzburg via LinkedIn and listen to her episode HERE.

Dimple Dang: Pioneering Legal Marketing and AI Strategies - Episode 9

Our guest is none other than Dimple Dang, a legal marketing expert and AI strategist. With a passion for embracing technology and innovation in the legal sector, Dimple sheds light on how lawyers can leverage AI and digital marketing to enhance their practice and stay ahead of the curve. She also delves into the Legal Trends Report, a valuable resource for legal professionals seeking to understand the evolving landscape of the legal industry. Find the report HERE. Learn more about Dimple Dang via LinkedIn and listen to her episode HERE.

Timothy Parlatore: Making Law Work Better - Episode 10

Our guest for this episode is none other than the remarkable Timothy Parlatore, a legal expert who’s been on a journey of incredible growth. Timothy shares his experiences, highlighting the significance of events like Clio Con in transforming law firms. He elaborates on the role of technology, streamlining processes, and making the legal profession more efficient and effective. As we delve into the discussion, we’ll also touch on the Legal Trends Report, a valuable resource for legal professionals seeking data-driven insights into the industry’s landscape. Visit HERE. We’re excited to extend a warm invitation to all legal professionals to join us at Clio Con 2024, set to take place in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. Don’t miss out this opportunity! Learn more about Timothy Parlatore via LinkedIn and listen to his episode HERE.

Alex Shipillo: Transforming the Legal Experience with Clio - Episode 11

Our guest, Alex Shipillo, the VP of Growth and Marketing at Clio, shares his journey, motivations, and insights into the legal tech landscape. He highlights the pivotal role of AI in shaping the legal profession and shares his vision for the future. Want to explore the latest trends and developments in legal technology? Don’t miss this episode, and be sure to check out Clio’s Legal Trends Report HERE. Learn more about Alex Shipillo via LinkedIn and listen to his episode HERE.

Debra Mignola: The Tech Innovator in Family Law - Episode 12

I am joined by the brilliant Deborah Mignola, Founder and CEO of Divorce 123, a leading company in the legal tech space. We kick things off by unravelling what Clio Con is all about and why it’s a must-attend event for legal professionals. Clio, known as a pioneer in legal practice management software, hosts Clio Con—an annual gathering that brings together legal tech enthusiasts, industry experts, and innovative solutions. Our special guest, Debra Mignola, shares insights into the Legal Trends Report, providing a sneak peek into the latest industry trends and innovations. She also highlights the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in the legal tech world and how it’s reshaping the industry. You can find the report HERE. Learn more about Debra Mignola via LinkedIn and listen to her episode HERE.

Lisa and Mitch Jackson: Dynamic Duo of Law and Tech - Episode 13

We’ve got some special guests with us – the dynamic legal duo, Lisa and Mitch Jackson. They’ve been riding the technology wave in the legal world for quite some time, and they’ve got some amazing insights to share from their experiences at Clio Con. Oh, and there’s a little bonus – we’re throwing in some highlights from the Legal Trends Report. This report is your treasure trove of what’s hot in the legal industry right now. You won’t want to miss that! Find the report HERE. Learn more about Lisa and Mitch Jackson. Listen to their episode HERE.

Shaka Senghor: Champion for Criminal Justice Reform - Episode 14

In this grand finale, we’re joined by the incredible Shaka Senghor, a champion for criminal justice reform. Shaka’s journey from incarceration to becoming a leading advocate is a story of hope, resilience, and transformation. Oh, and here’s the scoop—this is the last special Clio Con episode. We’ve had a blast on this Clio Con ride, and we’re so grateful to have shared it with you. But before we wrap things up, we’ve got a little gift for you. An exclusive link to the Legal Trends Report, offering invaluable insights into the ever-evolving legal landscape. Access the report HERE. Come join us at Clio Con 2024 in Austin, Texas, and let’s continue shaping the future of law together. It’s an event you won’t want to miss! Learn more about Shaka Senghar via LinkedIn and listen to his episode HERE.

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