[Clio Con Clips Mini-Series] Timothy Parlatore: Making Law Work Better | 10/14

This marks our 10th special Clio Con episodes! In this episode, we continue to dive into the dynamic world of legal technology and its impact on modern law firms. Join us as we explore the exciting insights and discussions from the recent Clio Con event.

Clio Con is the ultimate gathering for legal professionals, a place where innovation and excellence converge. Clio, the driving force behind this groundbreaking event, has been at the forefront of legal tech, providing tools and solutions that empower law firms to thrive in today’s digital landscape.

Our guest for this episode is none other than the remarkable Timothy Parlatore, a legal expert who’s been on a journey of incredible growth. Timothy shares his experiences, highlighting the significance of events like Clio Con in transforming law firms. He elaborates on the role of technology, streamlining processes, and making the legal profession more efficient and effective.

As we delve into the discussion, we’ll also touch on the Legal Trends Report, a valuable resource for legal professionals seeking data-driven insights into the industry’s landscape. Visit this link.

We’re excited to extend a warm invitation to all legal professionals to join us at Clio Con 2024, set to take place in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. Don’t miss out this opportunity!

Learn more about Timothy Parlatore via LinkedIn.

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Disclaimer: All episodes are recorded at certain moments in time and reflect those moments only.


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