Minisode Series

Are you struggling to get good reach on your advertising? 

Are you struggling to get your legal services out there?

Why don’t you explore the opportunity of a 5-part Minisode Season on the Legally Speaking Podcast?

What you gain:

  • 5  5-10 minute episodes on an established podcast, with listeners in 100 countries and over 1000 cities. 
  • The chance to actually demonstrate your expertise rather than just sell your services.
  • Gives you more time to advertise.
  • Creates more engagement with your platform.
  • You are interviewed by an experienced host, allowing you to better present your product or service. 
  • We do all of the podcast editing & production and produce the marketing materials for you.

Podcast Adverts

If you are looking for a reputable legal podcast to advertise your product or business, then look no further. 

We do Pre, Mid and Post-Roll adverts.

For more information on a Minisode Series or Podcast Ads, contact us on