Season 7

Life as Lawyer and Content Creator – Henry Nelson-Case – S7E40

Are you interested in pursuing a career in law and sharing your journey on social media? This week we’re super excited to be chatting Henry Nelson-Case, shedding light on his experiences, insights, and initiatives beyond the traditional boundaries of a legal career. Unveiling the realities of life in high-profile law firms, he dispels common misconceptions and offers invaluable advice for those embarking on a legal career.  Discover the delicate balance between a demanding professional life and the joys of content creation,

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Season 6
Rob Hanna

#LawDad: Balancing Life and Law – Eli Albrecht – S6E31

Having a work-life balance as a lawyer may seem like a myth, but it is achievable. It may require time and energy to start tackling your work-life balance, but a little effort can go a long way! This week we’re super excited to be chatting with Eli Albrecht, he is committed to finding a balance between his role as a husband, lawyer, and #LawDad in a way that is fully integrated. Eli is focused on being present for his kids with

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Fertility in the Workplace
Rob Hanna

Fertility in the Workplace Miniseries: Fertility Coaching

The ‘Fertility in the Workplace’ Miniseries, featuring Emma Menzies delves into how fertility in the workplace can be addressed more openly and how law firms can do a better job at acknowledging the challenges faced around fertility. The series looks into tackling fertility issues as a lawyer, in addition to family planning and becoming parents. Emma Menzies is a Coach and founder of Ready Steady Coach, a specialist business focusing on helping professionals facilitate career fulfilment whilst experiencing fertility challenges. Emma’s background is

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