Season 7

Life as Lawyer and Content Creator – Henry Nelson-Case – S7E40

Are you interested in pursuing a career in law and sharing your journey on social media? This week we’re super excited to be chatting Henry Nelson-Case, shedding light on his experiences, insights, and initiatives beyond the traditional boundaries of a legal career. Unveiling the realities of life in high-profile law firms, he dispels common misconceptions and offers invaluable advice for those embarking on a legal career.  Discover the delicate balance between a demanding professional life and the joys of content creation,

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Season 6
Rob Hanna

Change and Innovation in the Legal Industry – Awin Tavakoli – S6E20

Change and innovation in the legal industry are helping to improve the quality and accessibility of legal services, creating new opportunities for legal professionals and making it easier for individuals and businesses to navigate the legal system. This week, we’re chatting with Awin Tavakoli, Founder and CEO of Tavakoli Advisory, an advisory firm in Zürich, Switzerland. She is an international speaker and has shared the stage with many famous faces, including Randi Zuckerberg, Dr. Phil, Moira Forbes, and many more. She is

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