Season 5
Rob Hanna

How Can You Maintain High Performance Without Burning Out? – Charlène Gisele – S5E21

This week on the Legally Speaking Podcast, our host Robert Hanna welcomes Charlène Gisele. Charlène is the Founder and Director of her own Primal Wellness Coaching Business. Charlène trained as a solicitor and worked as an associate at American International law firm, Jones Day. Travelling the world to learn more about health and wellness, Charlène became a biohacker, working as Chief Wellness Adviser at INATIGO. In addition to her already great experience, Charlène is also a Mind and Emotional Health Consultant. In this episode,

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22 Mini Habits for 2022

Can you believe January 2022 is already over?! The new year is here, and as the rest of the world settles into routine, we wanted to offer you 22 mini habits that can help make your year a little bit brighter!   What are mini habits? Think less huge lifestyle changes and more sustainable habits. Mini habits are little actions you can take to better yourself. In no means is this a list of 22 things you must change, think

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