Season 8

Legal Risk and Compliance: Honing Your Legal Career – Kate Burt  – S8E13

Legal risk and compliance is one of the fastest growing sectors in the industry. To help us understand the growing complexities of the space, we were joined by Kate Burt, the Founder and CEO of Hive Risk, a boutique risk management consultancy firm. We also touched on topics from active creativity to collaboration, as well as a sneak peek into our exciting upcoming GBLO event.   So why should you be listening in?   You can hear Rob and Kate discussing:  The

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Season 7
Rob Hanna

Fraud and Financial Crimes: Transforming Lives Through Client-Centric Law – Arun Chauhan – S7E29

How does one’s dedication to family and the simple joys of life add a refreshingperspective to the dynamic world of law? This week we’re super excited to be chatting with Arun Chauhan, the visionary founder of Tenet Law. With over two decades of experience in fraud and financial crimes, Arun has not only shaped the landscape of his sector but has also redefined the traditional legal model with his firm’s unique approach. From client success stories in cybercrime and unauthorized payment fraud to navigating

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