Season 8

Fixed Fee Future: AI’s Role in Legal Efficiency and Pricing Innovation – Scott Leigh  – S8E14

Reinvent your legal services’ pricing with Scott Leigh, the Co-Founder and CEO of AltFee. He joined us on this episode to discuss the benefits of non-hourly pricing and alternative fee arrangements, and how they benefit both law firms and their clients. We also talked about the entrepreneurial journey that Scott and his family have been on as they set up AltFee, as well as Scott’s advice for other startups in the software space.   So why should you be listening in?  

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Season 7
Rob Hanna

LawTech, Firm Culture & Lessons Learned – Alex McPherson of Ignition Law – S7E38

This week we’re super excited to be chatting Alex McPherson, the founder of Ignition Law. Discover the story behind Ignition Law and how Alex turned his vision of a modern, client-focused legal firm into reality. The journey of building Ignition Law hasn’t been without challenges. Alex’s resilience and ability to navigate obstacles have been instrumental in the firm’s success. Facing challenges head-on and learning from them has shaped Ignition Law’s approach. Alex propels Ignition Law through a combination of innovative business

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Season 6
Rob Hanna

Creating a Successful Law Firm in Lockdown – Alistair and Shona Wells – S6E11

You could say that leaving a secure and well-paid job to start your own law firm in the middle of a global pandemic is a little brave, huh? That’s exactly what this week’s guests Alistair and Shona Wells did and in this episode, they’re sharing with us the highs, the lows, their experience as a whole and their learned lessons! Alistair and Shona are both qualified solicitors, having had impressive careers in the industry prior to starting their own law firm. Their mission is

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