Student Recap: Season 5 Episode 8 – The Future of Legaltech: Why Clio is Investing in Legal Technology Innovation with Shubham Datta

In Season 5 episode 8 -The Future of Legaltech: Why Clio is Investing in Legal Technology Innovation; Rob Hanna is joined by Shubham Datta who works in corporate development at Clio.

Can we please take a moment to apricate that the Legally Speaking Podcast icebreaker question about Suits has finally been answered by someone who has met Harvey Spector and Mike Ross in real life?! How cool is that.

This episode was a perfect introduction to our sponsor Clio, so let’s get into it!

What is Clio?

Clio is a legal software provider. One of their main products is something called Clio Manage, which is a legal practice management solution that helps run a legal firm with software. Shubham explained that Clio Manage allows law firms to be more client centric, allowing lawyers to focus on the practice of law, and less on administration.

Shubham mentioned that every system needs an operating system, and that is what Clio is building.

What is Clio’s Mission?

Clio’s mission is to transform the legal field by building cloud-based, and client-centred technology. Why does this matter? Well, by making the legal experience simpler, it becomes easier to access. It centralizes the legal experience, creating new solutions for lawyers to better serve clients. Clio is creating a more inclusive legal community, and equitable legal system.

What does this mean for students? – Clio’s Academic Access Program

While listening to this episode, I kept thinking how this can relate to students. Firstly, Clio is helping the legal industry become cloud based. This move is going to be the way any aspiring lawyer will one day operate, so getting a good understanding of how these software system work, will benefit us when the time comes to get a job. Secondly, any good student can appreciate the importance of saying organized.

Let’s relate this innovation at Clio to our education systems. I have attended three different universities, all of which used different software’s to share with us course work online. From first-hand experience, I can say the functionality of these software’s can greatly impact your education. Clio acknowledges this with their Academic Access Program. To access this program, you must be a student or a faculty member in either a legal clinic or a classroom. This is an amazing opportunity to get students gaining technical experience with Clio.

The Law Community by Clio

After listening to the episode I headed over to Clio’s website and under the tab on the top right labeled Community, stumbled upon The Law Community. TLC is a networking platform for legal professionals to share their tips and best practices, but also help shape the future of Clio. Here I also found linked The Legal Trends Report published by Clio, looking at the key takeaways from 2021. By understanding this data, not only can Clio evolve, but the legal professionals can better understand what works and what doesn’t.

The Takeaway

This episode is a great introduction to Clio and I highly recommend heading over to their website to explore how you can join the community and be a part of the future of the legal profession.

Written by LSP Ambassador, Anna Polito.

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