What has the Host of the Legally Speaking Podcast been up to?

This week, Robert Hanna, the speaker and host of the Legally Speaking Podcast has been busy testing the new release of LinkedIn Audio. He has been networking with professionals from a range of industries, including American trademark attorneys, trial lawyers and construction specialists.

LinkedIn Audio

Robert, as a LinkedIn Top 100 Rising Star and Influencer 2021, has been selected by LinkedIn as one of just a few hundred creators on the platform to test LinkedIn Audio – a Clubhouse-style audio room. The new tool launched in February, allowing hosts and professionals to speak to each other using live conversations. Attendees now have the opportunity to communicate amongst themselves, during and after events.

‘Digital Real Estate – How it benefits Entrepreneurs and Business Owners’.

On Monday the 21st of February, Robert used LinkedIn Audio to host ‘Digital Real Estate – How it benefits Entrepreneurs and Business Owners’. He was joined by Virtual Insanitii Co-Founder Caleb Pfhol, Trial Lawyer Mitch Jackson, Linklaters Associate Roch Glowacki and Trademark & Copyright Lawyer, Francesca Witzburg. During the discussion, Robert and the speakers addressed the application of law in the Metaverse, smart contracts, the importance of intellectual property, as well as NFTs.

Robert and Francesca, from a trademark copyrights perspective, considered how to protect assets in the Metaverse. Francesca explained the three key stages of protecting your brand. Like in the real world, you have to ensure your brand name is available. You have to file, to protect your copyright and most significantly, use contracts to protect your trademark. This shows “you as a legal entity moving forward”. Likewise, Mitch emphasised paying attention to real-world developments in tax law, also transactional payments, to protect interests in the digital world. As a Metaverse enthusiast, Robert will host more events about navigating the virtual space.


‘Entrepreneurs and Leaders: Start Up, Scale Up and Sell Up’

Using the beta version of LinkedIn Audio, Robert hosted another event, ‘Entrepreneurs and Leaders: Start Up, Scale Up and Sell Up’. Similar to the last event, Robert invited the speakers to the ‘virtual stage’ to introduce themselves and allowed the audience to ask questions. Some of the speakers joining Robert were BBC Apprentice Finalist ‘Marketing’ Michaela Wain, Alison Egdar MBE, President at American Pet Works Trevor Cotts, and Founder-CEO of RealiseMe.

Robert demonstrated the importance of networking, by introducing audience members as they arrived. During the event, Robert encouraged the audience to get involved in the discussion, asking questions, whilst connecting with each other. The speakers, all keen to give advice, focused on businesses, personal branding and building strategic relationships.

‘Marketing’ Michaela shared her advice – of positioning yourself as an authoritative figure and being passionate about your goals. Alison Edgar MBE explained how to utilise LinkedIn to ensure 80% of business clients connect with you. Before ending the event, Robert promoted all of the speaker’s platforms, explaining how to use the connect function.


As LinkedIn Audio becomes more popular, Robert is sure to host more events using the platform.


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