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Clio is a legal practice management software that is designed to help law firms, solo practitioners, and legal departments manage their practice and client relationships. It offers a wide range of features, including client and matter management, document management, time tracking, billing, and task management.

Clio also offers collaboration tools that allow multiple members of a legal team to work together, as well as integrations with other legal-specific technologies such as court rules and e-filing. Clio was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. 

Clio’s practice management and client relationship management (CRM) software delivers all the tools modern law firms need to run their firms, including:

  • Case and matter management
  • Client intake and client onboarding
  • Scheduling and calendaring
  • Time recording
  • Document management and e-signatures
  • Task and workflow automation
  • Legal billing

Clio also offers integrations with other popular tools such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and QuickBooks. Users can access Clio from any device with internet access, making it easy to manage their practice on the go.

Clio's recent guides

Download Clio’s free guides by clicking on the links below: 

How to Protect Your Law Firm From Rising Inflation

  • Maintain a consistent flow of clients for your firm despite changes in demand for legal services. 
  • Secure your firm’s financial stability through an emergency fund while ensuring your staff are compensated fairly. 
  • Provide exceptional client support while optimising the efficiency of your legal practice.

2022 Legal Trends Report

  •  New this year: Prepare your legal practice for success by staying informed on current trends and insights from industry research including the impact of macroeconomic changes on firms, the shift towards hybrid work for lawyers, and client expectations in 2022. Utilise data collected from a large number of U.S. lawyers, surveys of legal professionals and consumers to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges facing law firms today.
  • Key business trends: Examine the effects of inflation, increasing interest rates, and unstable job market on the performance and productivity of law firms in the context of global trends. 
  • Where work happens: Analyse the shift towards hybrid work by examining the proportion of legal professionals working from their firm office versus home – using anonymous Clio login data and explore the implications for the future of work in the legal industry. 
  • The “typical” workday: Explore work preferences and work-life balance of lawyers by comparing data with survey responses, to gain insight into the need for better work-life boundaries. 
  • Better relationships with clients: Assess the readiness of law firms in meeting the changing needs of clients by analysing survey data from both lawyers and clients. 

Starting Your Own Law Firm

  • The areas covered in this guide include:
  • Regulatory steps for starting your own law firm.

  • How to create a law firm marketing strategy.

  • How much does it cost to open a law firm (including professional indemnity insurance, essential costs, and more).

  • How to network and hire as a new firm.

  • The process for setting up a law firm. 

A Guide to Solicitors’ Professional Indemnity Insurance

  • The guide aims to take some of the stress out of the application and renewal process of solicitors’ professional indemnity insurance:
  • The PII rules for the UK and Ireland. 

  • The current PII market in England and Wales.

  • The 4 steps to take when purchasing PII.

  • What insurers look for (and analyse).

  • The impact your firm’s website and social media accounts can have on your quote. 

The Green Law Firm: A Lawyer’s Guide to a Paperless Office

  • Insights to make the process of moving to a paperless office seamless. 
  • The Green Law Firm guide includes:
  • The challenges and benefits of moving to a paperless law firm model.
  • 5 steps to converting to a paperless law office.
  • Tips for dealing with existing paper files.
  • Document storage recommendations for paperless law firms.
  • Ideas for file name conventions to keep your paperless office organised. 

Legal Futures & Clio Roundtable Report

  • Access to justice for legal practitioners and advocates has been hindered by funding cuts, limited legal aid resources, and time pressures.
  • While new technologies offer potential solutions, it raises the questions:
  • Can technology bridge the access to justice gap?
  • How can legal professionals utilise technology to reach underserved communities?
  • Is technology an effective solution for all legal service users?

How to Grow Your Firm with Legal Client Intake 

  • This guide by Michael Chasin, a prominent expert in client intake and CRM, emphasises the importance of client intake and presents strategies for implementing a systematic process within your firm.
  • Topics covered include:
  • The inadequacy of traditional paper-based methods in the digital age.
  • Utilising an efficient intake process to increase revenue.
  • The impact of intake on reputation management, and the connection between client intake and effective law firm marketing. 

Greater Accuracy, Quicker Billing: How Clio Supports This English Legal Aid Firm 

  • Learn how the Immigration Advice Centre improved their management of legal aid cases, compliance with regulations, and monitoring of thresholds by utilising Clio’s legal aid case management software in this case study. 

The Law Firm Website Scorecard

  • The law firm website scorecard evaluates various elements of your firm’s website to provide a comprehensive evaluation of its effectiveness.
  • It is an easy and convenient method to assess your website, taking only 15 minutes to complete.

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