An Online Directory Of Lawyers: Is This The Future? – Adam Reiman – S6E16

Everything is online nowadays. You can’t avoid it. Technology is paving the way for the future of all businesses and the law sector is no different. That being said, would you use a ‘Lawyer Directory’ to find the best lawyer for you?

This week, we’re chatting to‘s Director of Coaching and Live Events, Adam Reiman. is the number #1 US lawyer matching service and online directory, connecting consumers with qualified lawyers. With their offices in Basking Ridge, New Jersey and Easton, advances the technological culture of New York City and Philadelphia.

Before Adam joined, he studied General Studies at the University of Arizona, he was the Business Development Sales Manager at Corporate Express, Managing Member at Camelback Casualty and Director of Sales at The Rainmaker Institute!

𝐒𝐨, 𝐰𝐡𝐲 𝐞𝐥𝐬𝐞 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐛𝐞 𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐢𝐧?

You can hear our Rob and Adam talk about all things:

  • The business model and how the matching service works
  • Why came about and why it’s needed
  • Common mistakes businesses make by not recruiting a coach
  • Tips around coaching and guidance within embracing technology and the metaverse in law firms


00:08 Rob Hanna:

Welcome to the Legally Speaking Podcast. You are now listening to season six of the show. I’m your host, Rob Hanna. This week I’m delighted to be joined by the awesome Adam Reiman. Adam is the Director of Coaching and Live Events at is the number 1 US lawyer matching service and online directory, connecting consumers with qualified lawyers. With offices in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, Easton, advances the technological culture of New York City and Philadelphia. Before this, Adam joined, he studied General Studies at the University of Arizona. He was the Business Development Sales Manager at Corporate Express, Managing Member at Camelback Casualty and Director of Sales at The Rainmaker Institute. So a very, very warm welcome, Adam.

00:59 Adam Reiman:

awesome to be here. Thank you so much for having me. It’s, it’s been a blast so far getting to know you and your team. So thank you so much for having me, allowing me into your living room today.

01:09 Rob Hanna:

It’s an absolute pleasure to have you on the show. Before we dive into all the fun stuff you’re getting up to and what you’re doing for the legal community, we do have a customary icebreaker question here on the Legally Speaking Podcast, which is on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being very real, what would you rate the hit TV series Suits in terms of its reality of the rule, and if you haven’t seen it, you can just give it a wild guess.

01:33 Adam Reiman:

So I am going to be the first to admit I have small children at home and I don’t spend a lot of time watching television. However, I will vouch that I have spoken with dozens of our clients, attorneys all who have mentioned that Suits is about as close to reality as they’ve ever seen in television. So I guess having never seen it, I can’t score it. But I’ll give you a 5 simply because of the feedback I’ve gotten from some of our clients about that show.

02:00 Rob Hanna:

There we go. And that’s actually what I’ve rated 5 before on many other podcasts and interviews. So that seems like a best score. And with that, we’re going to move swiftly on. So to begin with Adam, would you mind telling us a bit about your background and journey?

02:14 Adam Reiman:

Sure. So you you touched on the educational part a little bit, which I appreciate. I haven’t done that in a while. I am, I have been in the legal legal industry for a little bit more than 12 years now. I was with another organisation, I was the Director of Sales and was charged with creating a sales organisation, as well as live events for that for that group. It was an amazing ride. From 2013 to 2018 I helped lead the charge as part of the leadership team there. We doubled. We doubled in size every year when I started there, there were 12 employees. And when I left in 2020, there were over 80. So we went from doing about 20,000 dollars a month in revenue to about 2 million dollars a month in revenue, over a 5 year time span. And it was a wild wild ride. But it was during that time that I was able to cut my teeth in the legal industry, got to know hundreds and hundreds of law firms, both in an on-site and an off-site fashion. I’ve been coaching law firms for a little bit more than 10 years. And it’s been it’s been great fun. I love working in legal. I’m actually married to a lawyer and have been for more than 20 years. So, I have a bird’s eye view of exactly how the ebbs and flows of being an attorney can be. So, I love working in legal because every law firm is unique in its in its own way. And I always feel like I can help everybody. So it’s great.

03:35 Rob Hanna:

Well, I love it. Yeah, and I love it. But at home, you know you’re always wrong, right?

03:42 Adam Reiman:

Even if she wasn’t a lawyer, I’d always be wrong, so I can’t win anyway. So.

03:46 Rob Hanna:

There we go. There we go. And I mentioned in the intro of course But for people who are not familiar, can you explain what is?

03:55 Adam Reiman:

Absolutely. The best way to describe us is that we are a 1 stop shop for lawyers and law firms who are in need of marketing services. We, you know, we started we were a directory and the directories always added tremendous, the tremendous ability to match clients with, with lawyers or potential lawyers. But as you, through the past few years, we’ve we’ve developed countless other services to help law firm owners and decision makers run their businesses more efficiently. We, for example, we have lawyer line, which is an add on service that we offer, where we actually utilise our call center to handle intake calls for law firms. It’s been an amazing rocket ride for that service. We have a conserved, consumer services team, we have answered over a million phone calls from people who are looking for lawyers and so we can offer time and expertise to any firm who needs call answering and intake help, we can match consumers with law firms. And then I have launched our coaching service which is customised for law firms who are looking to to grow and scale and create a lifestyle law firm for themselves. So we are for a myriad of excellent services across the board.

05:03 Rob Hanna:

I love that. You’re touching on so many different points there where you can add value and really help people connected to the legal profession. And, you know, let’s talk a little bit more about the journey of, because Co-founder, I believe Gerald Gorman acquired brand and around 1998. So can you tell us how has really developed over the years? You’re touching on it there but tell us more.

05:23 Adam Reiman:

Yeah, absolutely. So when when we launched, we only had a few 1000 lawyers in our directory. And our support, the support we provided was, I would say, minimal for clients who are in search of legal help. So flip the script to today, we have over 2 million listings available in our directory. And we have, in my opinion, revolutionised the lawyer search process. I like to describe our service really like, it’s very similar to a dating site, if you think about it, and that we match potential prospects, possibly on their worst day of their lives, with a law firm who can get them on the road to helping them solve their problems. So it’s, it’s, it’s cutting edge technology, we, you know, we’re very, very proud of that, of our, of our shape and size now, and the sky’s the limit, as far as how big we’re gonna, we’re gonna grow how large we can get.

06:12 Rob Hanna:

I was gonna say you must be continuously working in and developing on the product and how you can sort of move things along. But you touched on, you know, earlier as well, you, are the coaching because you are the Director of Coaching and Live Events at So how did that sort of role come about?

06:28 Adam Reiman:

It’s a great question. So, I was part of the leadership team in the former organisation I worked for, and 1 of my tasks was I would go out and do on-site consulting. And we had, we split up the responsibilities that our company CEO handled the marketing, we had our Director of Operations who handled operations, and I was responsible for handling the sales part piece of when we would go on site. And I did it, I’ve worked in hundreds of law firms through the years, some of the fastest and largest growing law firms here in the United States. And I got back from 1 of those trips, you know, I was travelling, you know, we would travel 3 or 4 days a week for months at a time going out and doing a deep dive into the people processes and software that make a law firm tip. And I came back with this idea that you know what, every single law firm, really, every every single business, if you think about it, especially service business, you know, they they requires sometimes a 1 millimetre tweak to getting them to that next level. And a lot of times in the legal space, you’ve got amazing well-trained technicians, but they’re not really trained on how to run a business. And so that’s where we fit in. We come in, we do a deep dive, we interview their staff, we, we look at every single process, we look at the software that they’re using, we look at their lead flow, we do an in-depth dive into their, into their firm, and help them get to the next level. In fact, we’re so confident in our coaching skill set, that we guarantee that we will help help a law firm double its revenue if they work with us for 12 continuous months.

08:01 Rob Hanna:

I love that. And I love how you can be so, so sure of that, given obviously the years of what you’ve invested and put in to actually ensure these strategies work. And yeah, I also love that you talk about it’s the little touches that can make a huge impact as well. And those little things that you really deep dive in, I think is super, super cool. And, you know, let’s talk a little bit more because you know, has created the internet’s most advanced lawyer matching service. That’s not an easy feat to achieve. So can you explain step by step how that matching service actually works for people listening in?

08:31 Adam Reiman:

Absolutely. So every month, we match 1000s of clients with local lawyers who want to provide them provide them with legal assistance. And regardless of how they come to us, it could be by phone, it could be via live chat, it could be via a contact us form. There are myriad ways to get in contact with us. We we we submit, we receive that information and we, we get the client’s case details to ensure that the case is solid. And then we refer, refer them to local lawyers who at that point the lawyer take over, they can decide if they want a contact line or not. Now the lawyer can only will only receive the clients contact information, once they’ve decided that they want to inquire further. In other words, they, they vet the case themselves and see that it’s got some viability, and it fits into their practice area, etc. There’s no obligation to take on each of the referrals that we send out. And that helps ensure that every time there’s a connection made there someone has an intention, the intent to move forward, the process forward for the client. Does that make sense?

09:34 Rob Hanna:

Yeah, it makes perfect sense. And it sounds pretty, pretty seamless to me. And I guess I want to sort of transition back to coaching because it’s something you know, I’m very big fan of coaching genuinely in any industry in everything we do personal life and professional lives. And, you know, as a Director of Coaching Adam, you know, do you think every law firm needs a coach to help them take their firm to the next level? And if they do, why?

09:58 Adam Reiman:

Yeah, it’s, it’s a great, great question. I absolutely believe that not only law firms, but every business, generally speaking, can benefit from an outside set of eyes to do a deep dive into their operation, to help them get to the next level or to hit their goals. Perhaps an owner wants to build up a firm and and turn it into a sellable asset, right. Everybody’s got different ideas. And so the, for the law firm owner that wants to do that I help them create processes and systems so that we can get organised enough to make that asset sellable, right? In some cases, it’s a law firm owner that wants to get out of practicing law and wants to run a business. So we roadmap out, hey, this is what it’s going to take, this is the, this is the number of, these are the number of leads we’re going to need, this is the number of staff we’re going to need, we’re going to need to make these tweaks that tweaks. Law firms are really interesting ecosystems and they all operate differently. And again, I’ve worked in firms of all shapes and sizes. But I am truly convinced and if you look, I mean, if you think about, I’ll make a US sports reference, even Tom Brady and Tiger Woods, the greatest athletes perhaps, according to some folks, have always utilised coaches, right. So to me, that’s just a telltale sign that if those guys need coaches, everybody needs a coach. So absolutely.

11:21 Rob Hanna:

It’s so true. Everybody needs needs coaches, because even when you’re at peak level peak performing going well, you need a coach to maintain you to get you even higher levels to maintain what you’re doing. And obviously, if you’re not where you need to be, you need to get there because what got you here is not going to get you there. And you know, ultimately, I see so many business owners who just basically have created themselves a very bad job with a bad boss themselves working long hours, because they don’t have those systems or processes, or indeed, like you say, really building that value up, where they’ve basically got themselves stuck in a job that they can’t get out, where they’re not creating value. And it’s so important that, you know, like you see you exist, so you can educate people that it’s great, but let’s actually design something that if there’s an exit in mind, let’s actually make sure we can get you there rather than it being a sort of, you know, pie in the sky, okay, 1 day, I’m gonna try and sell my business. And you realise, actually, my business’s me, there’s no value in that unless I stay in it. Now I’m stuck. And I think I see that happen time and time again. So it’s really good sage advice that you you give there. And I guess let’s stick with sort of common mistakes, then, you know, what common mistakes do you see law firms making by not recruiting a coach?

12:25 Adam Reiman:

Yeah, so the number, I would say the number 1 thing is if they if they get to the point where they can push, put their ego aside and say I need help from an outside expert, they oftentimes will hire someone who doesn’t work in the legal space. They’ll hire someone who is maybe they described, self-described business mentor, etc, etc. I just don’t think that that’s going far enough. So I see that a lot. And it’s, it’s funny, I have been the second coach for a lot of law firm owners through the years, whose initial coach was a business mentor, or an expert, who either fizzled out, didn’t offer them, there was no real change there. And so for me, my number 1 piece of advice is if you’re going to hire someone to help you build your law firm, hire someone who’s an expert in the legal space, because legal, I would not even pretend to go out and want to coach chiropractors, right, or CPAs, or dentists. I am strictly in legal. So stick to that niche. Because, again, I’ve worked in 1000s of law firms, I have worked, I have secret shops, over 2500 law firms and counting, so I understand how the intake process works. And I can virtually overnight help a law firm by making those 1 millimetre tweaks, move beyond 1 level and get to the next, whatever that next level, whatever that goal may be. I talked to a law firm owner yesterday. And she’s extraordinarily frustrated because her revenue has plateaued for the last 3 years. She said, Adam I’m making a great living, but I’m frustrated because I’ve been stuck at 1.3 million dollars for the last 3 years, even through covid. And I said, well, what are you going to do differently that’s going to help you get over that hump? And always the answer, well I guess I’ll just work harder. And that’s just not the answer, that, right. You’re already working 70-hour work weeks as it is. Do you think that the extra 4 or 5 hours a week that you’re going to work is a, gonna get you to over the plateau and b, are you going to have a fulfilling and satisfying personal life, right? So I help them overcome plateaus and, but yeah, that that advice would be stick to someone who’s in legal.

14:34 Rob Hanna:

I love that you’re focusing on niching down because it’s something we talk quite repetitively about, it’s so important on the Legally Speaking Podcast. And you know again, if nothing changes, nothing changes folks, right? And there’s a great example there. And as I said before, what got you here will not get you there. And I’m going to repeat 1 of my favourite quotes when it’s referenced niching from Bruce Lee saying, I fear not the man who’s practiced 1000 kicks, I fear the man who’s practiced 1 hit 1000 times. And when you really risk listen to that and digest that piece of information, understand that the nicher you are, the more you stay in your lane and become hyper-known, particularly in terms of brand of thought leadership, the more leads you’re going to get, the more inquiries you’re gonna get, the more value you can be of service. And it’s a great example you’re doing Adam for the legal industry and what you’re doing so congratulations. Time for a short break from the show. Are you looking for a way to get your firm working more efficiently and profitably, while ensuring a better work life balance for your team? Well, if you haven’t considered our sponsor Clio, I’m here to strongly recommend that you do. I absolutely love working with Clio. Not only is it the world’s leading legal practice management and legal client relationship management software, it also has a really solid core mission, to transform the legal experience for all. Something I personally support. What sets Clio apart for me, it’s their dedication to customer success and support. There are lots of legal software’s out there, but I know from talking to Clio users that their support offering is miles ahead of the rest with their 24-5 availability by email, in app chat and over the phone. Yes, you can actually call in and speak to someone. Clio is also the G2 Crowd leader in legal practice management in comparison to 130 legal practice management software’s and has been for the last 14 consecutive quarters. G2 Crowd is the world’s leading business solutions review website. You can check Clio’s full list of features and pricing at www dot Clio dot com forward slash Legally dash Speaking. That’s www dot C L I O dot forward slash Legally dash Speaking. Now back to the show. But let’s let’s stick again, to get some more wisdom from you today. What top 3 tips would you give to law firms when choosing the right coach for their firm? You mentioned you’re the, you’ve been number 2 coach coming in. So what are the things that you could do to make sure they get it right first time?

17:18 Adam Reiman:

Sure. So I think you put put the person through a proper vetting process just like you’re interviewing a new, a new team member, look at their credentials, look at their references, make sure that that person is completely transparent with about who they’ve worked with and for and is more than willing to share that information. And again, the number 1 tip is pick somebody that works in legal because you just don’t want to make that mistake picking a business coach and then having to quit and start having them leave or you know, peter out and then start all over again. There are you know, many, many legal only professionals who can take it to the next level for sure. And so I again, the number 1 thing is stick to someone from legal.

17:57 Rob Hanna:

Yeah. And again, folks, we’re trying to, trying to kind of stress the importance of, you know, understanding if you work with the right people who really understand you, the more value and benefit they can help you with your pain points, your problems and provide you with the solution. So yeah, really good points. Love the conversation. So let’s talk more about technology. I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to Web3, the Metaverse, NFTS, cryptos. I’m a big believer. I’m very verbose on the show, talking about it. But as to law firms embracing technology and the likes of the Metaverse, what type of guidance and coaching might be required for that? Any thoughts around that generally?

18:35 Adam Reiman:

Absolutely. 1 of the things that I do when I do a deep dive analysis of a law firm is I take a look at the software that they’re using, to see if they are using it to its full capability. There are a lot of really fine, not only CRMs, but a ton of really, really useful practice management software’s that can help a law firm run much more efficiently. And what I have found is that, for example, I see it every day, someone will say well, I invested in such and such a software to help me met practice, manage my practice, I never used it so I cancelled it. It makes lawyers feel good to invest in something and then never use it. And so again, that’s 1of the thing that things that fits in really well with our code, my, my coaching program is that, hey, if you’re going to invest in this software, let’s make sure we’re using it to its full capability. So, I will actually do a deep dive and help them create workflows, help them create email, email, nurturing campaigns for for follow up, client communications, monthly newsletters, so I really use that insist that all my clients who are investing in software, use it to the full capability. And if they’re not using software, which I run into an awful lot, I can slowly introduce them to what in my opinion are the 3 or 4 best options for for each of these software based needs in a firm and help them make that decision together by setting up demonstration calls with providers and then help help a lot of my law firm coaching clients make the decision on what they’re going to invest in. The other thing that’s been really interesting is that I’ve been very, very stubborn I will say through the years about, I fancy myself an expert in the best practices and intake and lead conversion. And I have stood firm, steadfast that the best and only way to sign up more clients is to do in-person consultations. The data backs it up, I’ve always held held very, very firm in that regard. I’m slowly starting to soften since covid, into the belief that you may be able to convert a fair share of prospects by utilising Zoom. So I’m still now, that their velocity, there’s an organisation that is actually doing a study right now to find out to trace and track Zoom conversion rates. We don’t have that data yet. But I’m slowly starting to move a little bit to the other side on that. I still in the in the middle of the night, I wake up, and I know that you are going to convert more prospects by bringing them into your home office and doing a kneecap-to-kneecap conversation about what their problem is, and how you’re going to solve them. But Zoom has started to sort of permeate ever since covid. So, until I get that data, I’m gonna stick to my guns. But I do believe that Zoom has changed the way we do things. My wife who’s a practicing lawyer, I think I touched on that earlier, she’s been doing depositions by Zoom. She says they’re not as powerful for her practice, she has been doing court appearances by Zoom, again, they’re okay. The good thing about court appearances is that you don’t have to get in your car and drive to the courthouse and get dressed up. So there is an efficiency model there. But again, I do some my own data gathering here and I’m just not 100% convinced that that the trend is on but but I’m starting to soften a little bit.

21:39 Rob Hanna:

Well yeah, we always have to be open to change and go where, you know, if market forces are dictating market forces, that it’s going to more of a virtual world, then you know, okay, but I absolutely hear what you’re saying. Will we ever be able to fully replace that human to human in person interaction ability? I’m not sure. And that’s exactly your point there, to not neglect that, because that’s going to end off historical data, the lead conversion is higher. And you know, I love that you also talked about, you know, how many people have all these amazing technologies, softwares, but they don’t know how to use probably more than 10% of the functionality, and then there’s paying a premium. So I want to talk more about adoption, because does pride itself in adopting the latest internet technology to deliver the best possible experience for consumers, which is naturally what it’s all about, right? So how can consumers choose to hire qualified local lawyers?

22:32 Adam Reiman:

Yeah, it’s a great question. So it’s, it’s amazing how quick and easy we’ve made it, we really like to call it, I think it’s a white glove treatment really. For consumers it’s quick and easy. They just have to contact us and we give them hundreds of different ways for them to contact us. We have contact us forms on every single page of our website, we have live chat, we have telephone, of course, we answer the phones 24/7. Once they have provided us with their case details and their contact info, it can be just a few minutes before they are on their way to hearing from a lawyer, to learn a solo attorney can then learn more about their situation and get them on the path to solving their problem. It’s just that easy.

23:08 Rob Hanna:

I love it. I love it. I love it. It’s just simplifying everything, and just making things as seamless as possible. And again, you know, I believe provides a sort of target to the experience for consumers urgently needing qualified and interested lawyer. So what other creative ways does support its consumers?

23:29 Adam Reiman:

So it’s designed to work instantly, which is something that is different than I’ve ever, than I’ve seen anywhere else. The, you know, there may be a situation where a client they don’t hear from a lawyer or they haven’t heard from the right lawyer, we often hear back from them and we share that, we get their feedback. And we will then attempt a second time to match them with with someone who’s more qualified, more interested has more bandwidth to take on their case. We have 1000s of premium members in our system who we will individually call and try to transfer a client over immediately. Again, it all, it’s all about that white glove treatment and and that’s what we provide for for everybody.

24:08 Rob Hanna:

Love it. Love the white glove treatment. And back to sort of live events. What type of live events do you typically host?

24:17 Adam Reiman:

So we, next year 2023, we’re we’re back in the saddle again, because the covid lockdown. There was a time period there where there was not a lot of travel going on, as I know you know but we are back to our live events schedule starting next year. We’re going to be doing 2 12 marketing boot camps, they’re 2-day boot camps, live events in fabulous venues like Las Vegas, Miami, Dallas, Atlanta, just to name a few of the cities. And we are, we’re calling, they’re calling a business builder workshops. We’re going to lock a group of 40 to 60 attorneys down in a room for 2 days. And for lack of better word, we’re going to tell them that their baby’s ugly and we’re going to give them tools to improve the current situation of their her law firm setup and they win when they go home from our event on Saturday, in their briefcase, backpack or wherever they travel, they are going to have a marketing action plan that they can immediately start implementing on Monday morning, when they get back to their firm, to helping them, helping them turn the corner to whatever has been holding them back.

25:19 Rob Hanna:

Yeah, great, great points. And I’m a big fan of events and it sounds like you’ve got a lot in the, in the pipeline, it’s an exciting time. Is there a particular event of past or a favourite event that you’ve done, or a most sort of popular event that springs to mind?

25:35 Adam Reiman:

So I’m actually, I’m going to be biased. But I absolutely love live events. It sounds like you do too. There’s nothing and that’s, I think that falls back on my opinion about live consultations, right, being in person. So there’s, there’s a level of transparency that you get when you have live events, right, people are able to get in a room of like-minded folks, business owners, law firm owners with with similar struggles and pain points, and just sort of spill their guts over 2 days. And so for me, it’s all those live boot camps that I’ve done, I’ve done over 100 of them over the last 10 years. And so, they’re all, I love, I’ve had an enjoyable experience at virtually every single 1of them getting to know people, getting to meet people. And a lot of folks have come back multiple times to live to our live events, simply just to get a refresher. And, and it’s good to see people on a regular basis. So I love them all.

26:26 Rob Hanna:

Yeah, I love that. And I think you can just foster those relationships so much more. I always say folks, contacts are great, but relationships pay and it’s who knows you at the end of the day, not who you know. That’s the reputation differentiate. Okay. And I guess finally then, Adam, when it comes to advice, what 1 piece of advice would you give to consumers looking to use

26:51 Adam Reiman:

I would say you’ve you’ve probably agonised over in some cases. You’ve probably agonised over the decision about whether it’s the time, the right time to, to reach out and contact a lawyer. In some practice areas they’ve waited years. And I think for me the advice I would give consumers in non-emergent practice areas, pick up the phone and call a law firm. Lawyers are smart, they’re engaging, they will make you feel good about your situation. And if they aren’t, move on and call the next 1. But I would say the first step is the hardest 1. Pick up the phone and call a law firm and get moving to solving your problem, right? We’ve all known people have agonised over certain legal situations in their own lives, where they’ve just agonised over it and they dragged it out. And ultimately after 5 years of pain and suffering, they finally pick up the phone to make a decision to, they’re going to they can’t take it anymore but I would say do it sooner rather than later because life is too short and we want to get on with it and a lawyer, there’s nothing like an attorney to help you solve it, solve a problem that you may you may be encountering or someone in your family or 1 of your friends might be encountering who can really help you. It’s a noble profession and help is there so just access it.

28:06 Rob Hanna:

Yeah, really well said and I think you know, just just remember folks I know I know sort of you know prices what you pay but value is what you get and with a good lawyer it can be invaluable, it could save you a lot of time emotion, stress, worry, anxiety, and finding the right lawyer may just be able to help you with so many wider issues outside of what you may be already experiencing and really help you. So I think that’s really sage advice and if our listeners Adam, which I’m sure they would would like to know more about, what would be the best way for them to contact you? Feel free to shout out any social media or website links, we’ll also share them with this episode for you too.

28:42 Adam Reiman:

Great. I love it. Yes, I am. I’m so appreciative of you having having me on. It’s been a blast. Please, I’d like to offer all of you a strategy session and a free secret shopper report card rewards or I will secret shop your phone call, your law firm, simply by joining us on the webcast. So just let me know. Reach me at my direct phone number is area code 602 828 4415 602828 4415. Or you can always get me an email at A Reiman and that spelled R E I M A N @ corp dot lawyer dot com.

29:24 Rob Hanna:

Love it simple as that folks. So thank you.

29:27 Adam Reiman:

Take advantage of it, please. I promise it’ll be it’ll be painless.

29:30 Rob Hanna:

Absolutely. There, you’ve heard the man there. You’ve heard it first, folks. Thank you so much, Adam. It’s been an absolute pleasure having you on the show, learning more about your journey and what you’re getting up to and how you’re adding value not only to the legal community, but far wider than that as well. So we’d like to wish you lots of continued success, but for now now from all of us on the Legally Speaking Podcast, over and out. Thank you for listening to this week’s episode. If you liked the content here, why not check out our world leading content and collaboration hub, the Legally Speaking Club over on Discord. Go to our website www dot Legally Speaking Podcast dot com for the link to join our community there. Over and out.

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Disclaimer: All episodes are recorded at certain moments in time and reflect those moments only.


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