Season 8

Become a Legal Rainmaker – Scott Simmons – S8E5

Join us as we explore the world of legal business development with this week’s guest, Scott Simmons. Scott is a business development coach, trainer and consultant for lawyers, and the Founder of Legal Balance. He shared his award-winning sales methodology and business development tips in this unmissable episode.  Scott also told us about his background and career history, with a look inside the founding of Legal Balance, as well as the wisdom his wife shared when they were establishing the

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Season 7
Rob Hanna

Embracing the O-Shaped Mindset: Creating a High-Performance Culture – Dan Kayne – S7E15

Let’s face it: delivering outstanding service to your clients is what truly sets you apart in the legal world. It’s the key to building strong relationships, earning client trust, and standing out from the competition. Ready to dive deeper into this fascinating topic? This week we’re super excited to be chatting with Dan Kayne, an accomplished legal professional and former General Counsel at Network Rail, who shares his remarkable career journey and the pivotal role they play in driving positive change.

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