"Appearing on Legally Speaking was an enjoyable and seamless experience. Rob, Hannah and the wider team are exceptionally professional; their communication style is very clear and efficient. The whole KC Partners team is hugely highly regarded and well known in the market, and a diverse mix of people in the legal space regularly tune into their productions. The team's reputation makes them fabulous people to know and work with, Legally Speaking or otherwise. Rob's ubiquity and network also mean that he possesses a great array of interesting, novel ideas about legal practice and whether it is headed, meaning he is brilliant at getting the most from his interviewees."
"Loved being part of the "Legally Speaking" podcast by Robert Hanna and KC Partners. The conversations on the "Legally Speaking" podcast are always informative, insightful and engaging!"
"I really enjoyed being interviewed by Rob on Legally Speaking and, in the spirit of research and development, it also meant that I gave myself frequent cheeky half hour breaks in the weeks leading up to recording it in order to listen to other episodes. I found a treasure trove of information, knowledge, experience and inspiration and I wholeheartedly recommend giving them a listen (and taking cheeky half hour breaks!)."
Amanda Falkson
Psychotherapist, Coach, Mentor
"A really excellent podcast that gives you the opportunity to listen to inspiring and varied stories from legal professionals while finding out more about the legal profession. Rob does an excellent job of asking all the right questions. It was a pleasure to be invited on the podcast myself and I look forward to listening to many more episodes."
“Rob invited me to speak on the Legally Speaking Podcast – Powered by KC Partners in December 2019. He was a joy to work with. He was flexible with my schedule (which was very busy at the time he invited me on) and he explained the process of recording the podcast thoroughly. Not only did he explain the process thoroughly but he made me feel welcome and comfortable through the efforts of his lovely team. I enjoyed recording the podcast with Rob as it was clear he had a profound interest in the different activities I was involved in within law and outside the profession. I would not hesitate to recommend Rob to anyone who would like to share their initiatives on the Legally Speaking platform."
"It was a pleasure to speak with Rob on such a wide range of issues, the whole team were excellent and made me feel very comfortable. I am very grateful to Rob Hanna and his team for allowing me to offer some thoughts in such a friendly and professional format."
"When you talk about mutual synergy, there is no other individual I could think of other than Rob. His innovate approach in embracing social medial and forums such as podcasts are one of the best I've come across and was proud to have been part of this. He runs a well oiled team who are engaging and understand the current trends of the legal industry, Rob's attitude is simple and someone that I believe we will have a new working relationship with at Black Antelope Law. I would encourage those interested simply to send him a message to see in which capacity he can help your organisation."
"Rob and the whole team have been amazing to work with since they reached out to me about appearing on their Legally Speaking Podcast. They have a very professional approach and set up and are very knowledgable about legal tech recruitment. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rob or any of the team at KC Partners for their knowledge and experience of their industry, and especially Rob who has been a pleasure to get to know and work with for his boundless energy, ideas and enthusiasm."
"Rob is an excellent podcast host. Highly recommend. He has so much passion for the work he does and serving the legal community, and I am so grateful I met him. I learned a lot from his thoroughness and commitment to producing quality content for the industry, and I am so excited to see his continued success! If there is one thing you do today, connect with Rob if you haven't already."
“I was invited to speak on The Legally Speaking Podcast powered by KC Partners by Rob. Rob is such a pleasure to work with, he is a wonderful host and highly skilled in creating an engaging and fresh content. I would have no hesitation in working with Rob again and am a great supporter of his work.”

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