November 18, 2022

An Employee’s Guide to Managing Notifications and Communications to Maximise Workplace Wellbeing

Do you find yourself getting easily distracted by instant messages or regularly checking your emails for that update you’re waiting for? We waste a surprising amount of time going between tasks as a result of distractions. Not only is it inefficient, but regular alerts and notifications can affect our wellbeing, especially if the lines between work and home get blurred. In this guide, we look at how this ‘always-on’ workplace culture has crept up on us, and what can be

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Mike Sheers

How to Write a Cracking Cover Letter and CV

The summer holiday is long, and as well as chilling out, you can finally get to the stuff you wouldn’t normally have time for. Like work experience! In a placement you can pick up new skills, meet professionals and have something new to add to your UCAS personal statement. When you’re ready to apply for work experience, you’ll usually need to send in a cover letter and CV. Now you might be thinking you’ve got nothing to shout about. But

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